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Product Detail

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Fudao Longmen Precision Water Grinder FDLL-80200NC

Fudao Longmen Precision Water Grinder FDLL-80200NC

Machine tool sales: 28
Machine type: 精密龙门大水磨床
Machine stroke: 800*2000*600
Machine tool type: FDLL-80200NC
Machine color: 可定制
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Import and export precision template, high efficiency, energy saving - the preferred machine tool


◆The spindle adopts P-class Japanese precision bearing, which has high reliability and convenient maintenance;


◆The vertical and horizontal guide rails of the machine tool are plasticized, and the operation is light and flexible;


◆The longitudinal movement of the table can be hydraulic or manual, and the guide rail is a V-flat;


◆The horizontal movement adopts double V guide rails, and electric and manual transmission modes are adopted;

逻辑控制 采用可编程序控制器,结合变频器,实现机床的自动进给,无级调速机润滑系统的周期性供油;

◆ Logic control The programmable controller is combined with the frequency converter to realize the automatic feeding of the machine tool and the periodic oil supply of the lubrication system of the stepless speed governor;


◆Automatic feed realizes non-contact output, which can adapt to frequent feeding and steering when processing small workpieces with high reliability;


◆ Charge and demagnetization control realizes noncontact output, can adapt to frequent charging and demagnetization, and has short demagnetization time; avoids strain and deformation of electromagnetic chuck and workpiece.


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